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  • Hey Jon thanks for the reply. Take all the time you need, I've waited and managed this long without it. It would just finish it off and satisfy my need to complete the refurb and be another handy edition to the outdoor cooking arena! I appreciate you taking the time. I'll check out how to register fully and get back to you with pictures. Hope the taxes work out in your favour ! Chat soon, Paul
    This is my VERY crazy tax season. I will try to look but probably can't dig into my pile until next week. I had a Silver side burner that went caput. I think I already sold a couple parts from it, but I might have at least on or two things you mentioned left.

    I would suggest you register all the way and use the Private Message so that we can exchange some pictures so you can see if what I have will be of any help.

    I have an '05 Genesis Platinum, too, but mine is the version without the side burner.

    I hope you can give me a week or so.

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