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    Extention Ring Issues

    Not getting around much anymore, travel wise. But if I did, might stop by and have a 1/2 lb. Cinnamon Roll and Coffee with you. :)
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    Extention Ring Issues

    Timothy.... If he had listened us boys, he might have bought the Cajun Bandit unit instead... Kind of enjoying being called a boy... Turning 72 in 1 month
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    Extention Ring Issues

    Tim... They can sit level if they're the Cajun Bandit type....
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    3rd Time trying to smoke a brisket on WSM 18. I cannot get bark for the life of me, any help?

    We normally cut out the majority of that hard triangular wedge without separating the flat and point.
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    3rd Time trying to smoke a brisket on WSM 18. I cannot get bark for the life of me, any help?

    James : 2nd picture - that fat will never truly render. most often it is removed when trimming before cooking. 3rd & 4th pictures - looks like the edges crumbled. if so, you overcooked the brisket Harry Soo and others will use a chunk of smoking wood under their packers if there is a space...
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    Vacuum Sealer Recommendations needed

    When our Gamesaver sealer stopped sealing completely, we purchased a Nesco VS-12. Our usage is far less than others on this list.
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    Blowout bones on ribs

    Donna... Interested in your comment regarding wrapping too tightly. Could you comment more on this... For ours, we wrap per class instructions and normally don't have blowouts.
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    Slap your daddy all purpose.

    The JD is in addition to Harry's other rubs.
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    Harry Soo can't be right....

    That last statement is so very true. On Saturday mornings, in our walk to the tent, we (wife and myself) avoid traversing near team areas whose pits are shadowed in a cloud of smoke or reeked of burnt oil. Thankfully, there numbers are few....
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    I'm in for Saturday!

    Harry's methods, as taught in his class, are indeed the backbone of enjoyable BBQ. The 21st of this month marks the 10 year anniversary of taking his class.
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    Chris Lilly Championship pork injection ?

    Lynn.... Nice MM in that other pan !
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    WSM 18.5 Temperature has been running low?

    Very long shot here, but were you cleaning the WSM after each cook and now you are not ? If so, maybe the cleaning process kept an air gap open but now, without cleaning, it is closed.
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    Does your WSM have a favorite temperature zone?

    No special temperatures on my 22". Have run anywhere from 160 to 400 plus. The ATC helps ;)
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    Two Butts, similar size, same smoker, over two hours different cook times???

    Were the 2 butts from the same pig ? Multiple conditions influence the denaturing process of each piece of meat. Even the conditions surrounding the animal just prior to entering the abattoir. So do I find it unusual... No
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    Need help!! Meat thermometer got the lines of death!!

    One will find uses, other than just BBQ, for whatever ThermoWorks product you decide on.