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General Forum Usage

Setting and Profile Features

Reading and Posting Messages

User Titles

Your user title changes automatically based on the number of posts you have accumulated over time.

Here's the list of user titles and number of posts for each level:

  • New Member: 0
  • TVWBB Member: 30
  • TVWBB Fan: 100
  • TVWBB Super Fan: 250
  • TVWBB Pro: 500
  • TVWBB All-Star: 1000
  • TVWBB Wizard: 1500
  • TVWBB Guru: 2000
  • TVWBB Gold Member: 2500
  • TVWBB Emerald Member: 3000
  • TVWBB Diamond Member: 3500
  • TVWBB Platinum Member: 4000
  • TVWBB Honor Circle: 4500
  • TVWBB Hall of Fame: 5000
  • TVWBB Olympian: 7500
  • TVWBB 1-Star Olympian: 10000
  • TVWBB 2-Star Olympian: 20000
  • TVWBB 3-Star Olympian: 30000
  • TVWBB 4-Star Olympian: 40000
  • TVWBB 5-Star Olympian: 50000

How to Change Your Avatar

To change your avatar:

  • Create your avatar image. It must measure 80x80 pixels with a filesize less than 20KB. You can create an avatar from an existing image by using a utility like
  • Click "Settings" at the top of any page.
  • Click "Edit Avatar" in the left navigation bar.
  • Click "Use Custom Avatar".
  • Under "Option 2 - Upload Image From Your Computer", click "Choose File".
  • Navigate to your avatar image and select it.
  • Click "Save Changes".
  • Your avatar should appear at the top of the page under the heading "Your Current Avatar".

How to Post a Photo

The Virtual Weber Bulletin Board does not provide photo hosting. In other words, you cannot upload photos to our server and include them in your posts. However, you can link photos to your posts from popular photo hosting websites like ImageShack, Imgur, Webshots or Flickr.

For example, here's how to link a photo from Imgur to your post:

  • Go to Imgur and upload a photo to your account.
  • After the photo uploads, mouse-over the photo, then mouse-over the "Down" arrow at the top right of the photo and click "Get share links".
  • Click the "Copy" button next to "BBCode (Forums)". This copies the code necessary to link to your photo.
  • Now go back to the discussion forum and write your post. Paste the BBCode code into your post. It looks something like this: [img][/img]
  • When you click "Submit New Thread", your photo appears as part of your post.

The process is similar for other photo hosting websites. See your photo site's Help Page for details.

How to Post a Video

The Virtual Weber Bulletin Board does not provide video hosting. In other words, you cannot upload videos to our server and include them in your posts. However, you can link videos to your posts from YouTube and other video hosting websites.

Here's how to link a video from YouTube into your post:

  • Copy the full URL of the video, e.g.
  • Now write your discussion forum post. Above the text box where you type your message, click the 'Insert Video' icon--it looks like a piece of movie film.
  • Paste the URL into the pop-up field and click OK.
  • When you click Submit New Thread, your video appears as part of your post.

In addition to YouTube, several other video hosting services are supported. Read the text below the pop-up field for details.

Why TVWBB Uses Real Names

When you register to become a member of TVWBB, we require that your username be some form of your real name that is easy to read and understand. By "real name" we mean the name you use when introducing yourself to neighbors, friends, and colleagues. For example, if your name is Thomas Alva Edison, acceptable usernames would be Thomas Edison, T Edison, TA Edison, Thomas E., Thomas A.E., Tom E., etc.

If you are primarily known by a name other than your real name, you may use it as your username. For example, musician Ringo Starr can register using that name rather than "Richard Starkey". Similarly, it would be acceptable for movie director J.J. Abrams to use his initials as his first name since this is how he introduces himself in real life.

If someone is already using your name, include a city or state after your real name to differentiate it. If you would like to use a nickname or handle, include it after your real name.

Business names and competition team names are not allowed as part of your username. We want to avoid having the username field become a form of advertising or promotion. However, you are welcome to add this information to your profile.

When we use real names, posts are more friendly and the replies you receive are more helpful. I firmly believe that this real name policy makes TVWBB stand out from other barbecue forums and it's one of the big reasons for our success and longevity.

If you're concerned about privacy, don't hesitate to contact us so we can work-out a username that satisfies both of us. Otherwise, we hope that you will enjoy TVWBB as a non-registered guest.

Terms of Service

Please read important notice below about using your real name during registration. Your membership will not be approved if you do not use your real name.

The Virtual Weber Bulletin Board provides a friendly forum for Weber grill owners and barbecuing and grilling enthusiasts to share information with one another.

Please take a moment to review TVWB's Legal Information & Privacy Statement. By using this Web site and its forums, you agree to the Terms of Use described on the page linked above and the rules and posting guidelines listed below.

Using Your Real Name During Registration

When you register, your username must be a version of your first/last name that is easy to read and understand. For example, John Q Public, John Public, John P, J Public, JQPublic, etc. If someone is already using your name, include your city or state to differentiate it, e.g. JohnP in TX. If you would like to use a nickname or handle, include it after your name, e.g. JohnP - QueMaster. Business names or competition team names may not be used in usernames.

We have used real names on this forum for many years because it keeps the discussion personal and friendly. Please see this FAQ for a more detailed explanation of our real name policy: Why TVWBB Uses Real Names

We reserve the right to modify your username at the time of registration for clarity and compliance with our real name policy.

Guidelines For Posting Messages

  • Keep your posts concise.
  • Keep your replies on-topic. If reading a message causes you to come up with an unrelated question, start a new message thread.
  • Discussion, asking and answering questions, sharing recipes, usage tips, special projects, etc. is favored over chatting.

When posting to the forum, please keep things civil. Users are not permitted to, among other things, post abusive, hateful, or harassing information about any person or entity. Crude language, crude humor, and sexual content of any kind is prohibited. This is a G-Rated site, so please post accordingly.

TVWBB does not confirm the validity of information posted on this message board. We cannot actively monitor all the content of posted messages and are not responsible for any messages posted. Remember that the posted messages express the views of the author of the message, not necessarily the views of TVWBB.

TVWBB reserves the right to delete or modify any message, avatar, signature, display name, or other member profile field for any reason, or no reason whatsoever. You remain solely responsible for the content of your messages, and you agree to indemnify and hold harmless the members of this message board, TVWBB, and their agents with respect to any claim based upon viewing of this board and/or transmission of your message(s).

If you feel that a posted message is objectionable, you are encouraged to report it by clicking the "Report Post" icon. We have the ability to delete objectionable messages and we will make every effort to do so, within a reasonable time frame, if we determine in our sole discretion that deletion is necessary. This is a manual process, however, so please realize that we may not be able to remove or edit particular messages immediately.

By using this service, you agree that you WILL NOT:

  • Post any material that is knowingly false and/or defamatory, inaccurate, abusive, vulgar, hateful, harassing, obscene, profane, sexually oriented, threatening, invasive of a person's privacy, or otherwise in violation of any law.
  • Post messages, images, avatars, or signatures of a political or religious nature. No proselytizing for religious or political purposes or for any other cause or organization. The discussion of politics and religion tend to degenerate quickly in online communities, so for this reason discussion of these subjects is not allowed. Do not even make indirect references to these subjects in posts. Posts in violation of this rule will be deleted. Members who violate this rule will be banned from participating.
  • Include clickable links, URLs, photos, social media usernames, HTML code, or calls to action in your bulletin board signature, avatar or profile picture. (You may post a personal or business-related URL in your personal profile.)
  • Post any copyrighted material unless the copyright is owned by you or by this message board.
  • Use profanity of any kind on this board. Posts that contain profanity will be deleted summarily. Repeat violators of this policy (or any other board policy) will be banned from participating.
  • Post advertisements, chain letters, pyramid schemes, and solicitations. This includes the use of an avatar or signature intended as an advertisement. These are inappropriate on this message board and will be deleted summarily. Violators of this policy are subject to banning.
  • Cross-post (post your message in more than one place on this board). This will actually hinder you from getting a rapid answer, and repeated cross-posting may result in your being banned.

Posting Messages That Promote Products, Services, Events, Blogs or Personal/Business Websites

Most bulletin boards have policies that prohibit people from posting messages that promote their own products, services, events, blogs and personal/business websites—and TVWBB is no exception.

The following types of posts are allowed by bulletin board members:

  • If you are a satisfied (or dissatisfied) customer of a product/service/event/blog/personal website/business website, and you do not have a financial interest in that product/service/event/blog/personal website/business website, you may discuss it on the bulletin board. Positive and negative feedback from actual customers is one of the most helpful aspects of a bulletin board for those considering the purchase of a product/service or participation in an event.
  • Messages about sales, discounts, promotion codes, free product samples, etc. are fine, as long as you do not have a financial interest in the product, company, or promotion; and the offer is available to the general public.

Those who have a financial interest in a product, service, event, blog or personal/business website may not post the following without prior approval by e-mail from TVWBB:

  • Messages that promote your product, service, event, blog or personal/business website.
  • Messages that draw comparisons between your product/service/event and a competing product/service/event.
  • Messages that answer customer service questions or provide technical support for products.
  • Messages that inquire about customer satisfaction with products/services/events.
  • Messages that discuss product/service/event development or improvement.
  • Messages about sales, discounts, promotion codes, free product samples, etc.

Negotiating Exclusive Discounts Or Deals On Behalf Of Bulletin Board Members

From time to time, TVWBB offers exclusive discounts or deals for members on barbecue-related products from various companies. A member must receive prior approval by e-mail from TVWBB before negotiating any discount or deal on behalf of members. TVWBB will consider the quality, relevance, and appropriateness of the offer to members when deciding whether or not to approve the request.

Affiliate Links

TVWBB participates in the Amazon affiliate program and other affiliate programs and receives a commission when you make purchases using these links. This helps defray the cost of site operation. TVWBB reserves the right to update or redirect links in user posts, without notice to the user, either manually or programatically through the use of automated scripts, vBulletin plugins, third-party link skimming services or other technical means, so that links credit TVWBB at any current or future affiliate programs the site participates in.

Identity & Reuse Of Content

We reserve the right to reveal your identity (or whatever information we know about you) in the event of a complaint or legal action arising from any message posted by you.

By posting content on this message board, you agree that TVWBB can quote from, or reuse the content in promotional materials, newsletters, social media channels, or other documents without notice.

Termination of Membership

TVWBB reserves the right to, at its discretion, terminate the membership of any user for any reason, or no reason whatsoever.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about how this online community is run, click the "Contact Us" link at the bottom of any page and let us know.

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