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  1. How Many WSMs & Other BBQ Toys Do You Own?
  2. Which type of sauce with pulled pork?
  3. Pork ribs: Wet or dry?
  4. Brisket: Sliced or Chopped
  5. Lump or briquettes?
  6. Water, sand, empty pan, or no pan at all?
  7. Brisket: Flats or Whole Packers?
  8. Pork Butt: How much fat do you trim off?
  9. Pork Butt: Bone-in or boneless
  10. Best First Cook On The WSM
  11. Rubs: Make 'em or Buy 'em?
  12. Sauces: Make 'em or Buy 'em?
  13. How Often Do You Use Your WSM?
  14. Pork ribs: Spares or loin back?
  15. Spareribs: Whole or St. Louis-style
  16. Best Barbecue Roadtrip?
  17. Where do your measure WSM temperature?
  18. Age of forum members
  19. Favorite meat to barbecue
  20. Chicken: Whole, Butterflied, or Pieces?
  21. How long have you owned your WSM?
  22. Grilled Steaks poll
  23. Favorite Smoke Wood
  24. If you could only eat one animal...
  25. Pulled Pork: Chunked, Shredded, or Chopped?
  26. Saucing Pulled Pork
  27. Does cheese go on a barbecue sandwich?
  28. WSM Colors
  29. Brisket: Low & Slow or High Heat?
  30. Favorite regional barbecue style
  31. Your ultimate steak
  32. Barbecue Classes
  33. How Often Do You Eat Barbecue?
  34. How Often Do You Eat Grilled Foods?
  35. Automatic Temperature Control Systems for Barbecue
  36. How will you cook your holiday turkey this year?
  37. How will you prep your holiday turkey this year?