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  1. Q&A with Jamie Purviance, April 17-21, 2017
  2. Win a copy of "Weber's Greatest Hits"
  3. Free PDF mini-book & sample recipes from "Weber Greatest Hits"
  4. Welcome Jamie + Posting Request
  5. Sear or Reverse Sear - what do you prefer?
  6. When to Brine Meat vs When to Salt Meat
  7. Why should someone buy Weber's Greatest Hits?
  8. Charcoal taste
  9. Chunks vs Chips
  10. Sous-B-Q
  11. How were recipes selected for Weber's Greatest Hits?
  12. Green Stuff on Meat
  13. Database of JP Recipes
  14. What's in your backyard?
  15. What is your involvement in food styling and photography for your book?
  16. Q1200 Ribs Doable?
  17. Getting the most out of your gas grill
  18. Do you have an equivalent beef recipe to Smoke-Roasted Pork Loin?
  19. Sides for Dummies
  20. Do you compete or cater?
  21. Grilled Chicken Recipe
  22. Grilling Recipes
  23. Hard to Find Ingredients
  24. Can you pull any strings Jamie.
  25. What's the most important thing new grillers can do to improve their results?
  26. Have you jumped on the USDA Prime meat bandwagon?
  27. Time needed to salt or season meat
  28. Cooking Grates.....
  29. Grilled Pizza
  30. Grilling Whole Fish
  31. Revision?
  32. Cleaning
  33. What keeps you interested in grilling?
  34. Thanks
  35. Thank you Jamie Purviance!
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