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  1. Q&A with Harry Soo & Donna Fong, July 28 - August 2
  2. Vote for Harry and Donna as your favorite Chopped grillmasters
  3. Chopped Grill Masters: First episode tonight!
  4. Press Release: Harry Soo appearance on Chopped Grill Masters
  5. Chopped Grill Masters: Second episode tonight!
  6. Tonight! Chopped Grill Masters: Third Episode with Harry and Donna
  7. I'm bummed about Chopped: Grill Masters results
  8. I scream, You scream, We all scream for Brisket Ice Cream...
  9. Judging
  10. Post your questions for Harry & Donna about Chopped: Grill Masters, win a prize
  11. About time management and the race to the finisih
  12. About the plated dishes
  13. I'm sensing a pattern here
  14. Preperation of the Grills
  15. How has the experience impacted your personal cooking styles?
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