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Thread: Pork, Beef, Baking, Beer, & Other Diagrams on Kitchen Towels, Coasters...

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    Pork, Beef, Baking, Beer, & Other Diagrams on Kitchen Towels, Coasters...

    I just came across these food-themed towels, coasters, note cards.



    Double-double burger:

    They also have coasters with the same and other cooking themes such as baking, beer + some sports and places. The pork diagram is particularly good, as is the exploded view of a double burger with cheese.

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    Those are neat Rita!
    I like the sort of old-time look to them, the pig coasters are nice too.
    All I need is meat and fire, well maybe a set of tongs, but that's all I need. well maybe a Thermapen, but's that's all I need, well maybe...

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